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How To Install WordPress In Bluehost Within 5 Minutes

Install Wordpress In Bluehost

In one of my last post I have written how to choose a good web hosting provider. You can read my earlier post here: How To Get The Best Web Hosting Services Free Or Cheap? So once you have choosen your host now its time to start building your website. I always recommend wordpress as your website platform.…

How To Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes – 2017

Change Facebook Page Name

For facebook page owners there is some limits that facebook has imposed for a long time. Out of that one is you can not change the facebook page name after 200 likes. Though if you are staying in United States, you can put a request to facebook for changing the page name.…

How To Get The Best Web Hosting Services Free Or Cheap?

Bluehost Web Hosting Plans

In my website I write on tips and tricks of earning money online. To create your online income you must need a website. There are few free hosting services like OR etc, but unless and until you have your own domain and a cheap but your own web hosting service things do not look professional.…

Email Marketing Tips 2017 – How To Maintain Your List?

For every online marketeer a must have is a good email marketing list. You need to send periodic updates through email to this list so that your site readers can know about your latest development. Through the email list you can send your blog updates, product launch news, service start news OR even can send a BUY NOW kind of link OR a discount coupon to the site visitors.…

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